2005 Cruise of SW Florida
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Gulfport, Fl 

We crossed Tampa Bay and arrived in Gulfport, Fl on February 24th after motoring up from Boca Grande and staying overnight in Venice and Longbeach, Florida. The original reason for stopping in Gulfport was to duck out of some impending inclement weather. We found a small, middle class community with a lot of small, older homes and a small town charm. We rode our bikes and walked all over the place. We inquired about permanent slips in the marina and was told that there is a two to four year wait.

   St. Petersburg, FL

On Wednesday, March 2nd, we moved over to the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina inside Tampa Bay and haven't left except to move about a mile south to Harborage Marina where we plan to keep Moby for a while.

The Municipal Marina is located downtown along the road leading out to the Pier, a local tourist trap out on the water. There are activities planned for almost every weekend. We've been to a Crawfish Festival, a live Blues weekend, the St Pete Grand Prix, a Marti Gras parade along with a weekly farmer's market and all of the noise one could possible ask for from the local airport. We have ridden the local bus system to Clearwater and back over to Gulfport. We've done everything except going boating.

There's just too much to do and see here! We've decided to sell our condo in Vero Beach and move to the St. Pete area preferably in Gulfport.  We've taken a slip the Harborage Marina on a full time basis for 6 months to make sure that we really like it here. It's got all of the facilities including swimming pool, laundry, etc., and is close to downtown St. Pete.

We'll see.


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Gulfport Municipal Marina View Towards Marina From Pier Dali Museum
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Nancy Sitting On Park Bench By Dali Crawfish Festival Mud  Bugs
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Live Cajun Style Music Night View At Marina St Pete At Night